About Me, Katy McInally

E-RYT 200hr, YACEP

Imagination Yoga Teacher

I was first introduced to yoga my freshman year of college when I signed up for Hatha Yoga as a PE elective. I fell asleep during savasana in my first class and woke up to an empty gym. Needless to say, I was a little reluctant to return the following week, but I am so glad I did. Over those three months I started to see little glimpses into the power of yoga. My mind felt cleared and my body felt stronger.

Fast forward many years to me teaching preschool and witnessing the profound effects of yoga in a child’s body. At that preschool I met one of my teachers and became a certified Imagination Yoga teacher in 2009. Since that time I have been teaching children and adults around the Portland area. I went on to earn my 200hr certificate from Yoga Bhoga in SE Portland and have since been expanding my practice with adults.

My teaching style is light hearted and fun with a strong focus on alignment and clear accessible movement cues. I truly believe yoga is for everybody and that I, as an instructor, am learning alongside my students during every practice.


Based in Portland, OR

Katy here. My heart lies in the mountain peaks of the pacific northwest.