Yoga for teens in portland

Learn about life through the practice of yoga

Utilizing affirmations and yoga to build community and understanding around larger life concept this class is a wonderful mix of movement and discussion. Ideal for Students in middle/high school this class creates a space where you are free to explore, laugh and move in a supportive community. Each class is structured around a positive affirmation that inspires the yoga flow and ends with a guided relaxation.

teen yoga in portland
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yoga for teens in portland

Whether you are a teen, about to be one, are the parent of one, or know one YogaMak has some insight for you. Follow me on social media for more tips and tricks about getting out of your head and into your body.

Yoga for Teens at Imagine Yoga Studio

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Yoga At School

I'm available for yoga classes and speaking engagements at your child's school. To learn more about these opportunities, reach me by clicking the button below!