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“Imagination Yoga has helped my son not only to obtain self-calming skills, but to be kind and thoughtful to others. He has been saying “Kind Hearts! Kind Words! Kind Thoughts!” since he was 2. Sometimes he even reminds me to take a deep breath to calm myself down.

I can never find the perfect words to thank Ms. Katy enough. She has also helped me work with my son, through her classes, during difficult times when I was struggling A LOT. I am so grateful my son gets to be in Ms. Katy’s class for the third year and beyond!”
— Emi Nakajima, Preschool Parent
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"Katy's unique teen yoga class at Imagine Studio has put balance, wellness, and fun into our weekly routine! Katy's personal skills, positive energy, and professionalism excites and relaxes middle school students when they need it most.  We are so grateful this type of program is offered...the benefits are immeasurable!  It is by far the highlight of Ava's week! And I could go ON AND ON and ON!  

--Tiffany Rooney, Middle School Parent